The St. Regis Bangkok introduces a sweet twist to the afternoon tea ritual by showcasing the significance of bees and their remarkable contribution to the ecosystem. Through the use of local and sustainable honey, the Buzz & Bloom Afternoon Tea experience aims to raise awareness about the vital role bees play in maintaining biodiversity and providing essential ecosystem services.

Beyond the production of honey, bees play a crucial role in pollination, ensuring the growth and reproduction of countless plant species. By raising awareness through their afternoon tea experience, The St. Regis Bangkok hopes to educate guests about the broader significance of bees and inspire a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of the natural world.

Nine different types of honey are used in afternoon tea set, including Acacia Honey, Clover Honey, Coffee Honey, and Macadamia Honey. Longan Flower Honey from Chiang Mai and Vejpong Brand Thai Pure Honey from the Kingdom’s first honey industry in Nakhom Pathom are also used, as well as Wild Flower of 5th Month Honey from Mae Hong Son, produced during the peak month when spring flowers are in bloom. Honey is also sourced directly from forest villagers in Doi Luang Tak, Tak Province, for Wild Honey Flower.

Throughout the afternoon tea experience, guests will not only experience the delightful flavours, but also discover the intricate relationship between bees, pollination, and the abundance of plant life. From Lychee Honey Tiramisu filled Choux Bun and Matcha Bavarois Honey Jelly to Passion Fruit Macaron Honey Bee Effect and Russian Longan Honey Torte, the dessert creations pay homage to the tireless work of bees and the importance of preserving their habitats. To enhance the afternoon ritual are freshly baked Apricot Doi Kham Honey Scones served with Honeycomb, Whipped Cream, and Clotted Cream.

Savory creations, on the other hand, include Honey Bee Truffle Ham and Cheese Sandwich; Hotate Scallop Tartar with Layered Coconut and Honey; Salmon Seaweed, Fennel Kimchi, Parmesan Cheese and Honey; and Rolling Pastrami and Cucumber with Wild Flower Honey Coated Cornichon and Herbs Crust.

The Buzz & Bloom Afternoon Tea experience is priced at THB 1,000++ per set for 1 person including tea or coffee, presented during 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM from June 3 to July 31, 2023 at The St. Regis Bar and The Drawing Room on the 12th floor of The St. Regis Bangkok. For reservations and further information, guests can call +66 2207 7777, email , booking link or visit



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