In the heart of the Andaman Sea, Ko Phra Thong stands as an oasis of enchantment – a testament to nature’s artistry, inviting the discerning traveller to unlock its untamed allure.

While the world turns its gaze to illustrious destinations like the Similan and Surin islands, a concealed treasure emerges in the Andaman Sea’s embrace – Ko Phra Thong, an exquisite haven nestled within the pristine sanctuary of Phang-nga Province.

A mere hour’s voyage aboard a long-tail boat from Khura Buri unveils the elegance of Ko Phra Thong’s simplicity

To experience the best views of the landscape, join the islander who offers rides along the dirt tracks in a small tractor-trailer. Photo/Thanissorn Luckcha
Sunrise on Ko Phra Thong. (Photo by Thanissorn Luckchai)

Emerging from the ancient coral embrace, Ko Phra Thong boasts grandeur across 130 square kilometers, shaped over eons by coral deposits that have woven a gently rolling landscape crowned with a sandbar expanse. This tropical savannah canvas, adorned with grasslands and veiled by a canopy of trees, casts an aura of surreal wonder.

The island’s allure resides in untouched beaches and vistas akin to Africa’s savannah panoramas. Bamboo huts perched on stilts, remote fishing hamlets, and tranquil isolation beckon those in search of serenity, a call heeded increasingly by a growing number of young Thai adventurers.

Imagine expanses adorned with dwarf paperbark trees – their white trunks and ethereal boughs a testament to Ko Phra Thong’s pristine charm, magnificently revealed at both sunrise and dusk. An islander, doubling as part-time guide and full-time fisherman, invites you to traverse its dirt tracks aboard a tractor-trailer. Amidst the embrace of open canopies and weeping branches, a three-dimensional masterpiece unfolds against the canvas of the sky.

Stretching along the western shores, untouched coastlines invite idyllic repose in hammocks or sandy enclaves. As daylight ebbs, Ko Phra Thong transforms into a haven for diverse wildlife, where barking deer, gibbons, and even elusive pangolins find sanctuary. A local tip: linger on a savannah trail, and the barking deer may grace you with their elegant presence.

A visitor captures a photo of the stunning scenery on Ko Phra Thong. Photo by Thanissorn Luckchai
Wild orchids can be found along the walking trail. Photo by Thanissorn Luckchai

For enthusiasts of avian life, Ko Phra Thong offers a symphony of winged wonders. Within its realms, 137 bird species, both native and migratory, grace the atmosphere. Here, the white-bellied sea eagle and oriental pied hornbill, rarities elsewhere, command the skies.

Embark on weaving trails that crisscross this breathtaking domain, unveiling treasures like the fragrant pigeon orchid among other rare wild blooms.

Amidst Ko Phra Thong’s tranquil embrace, the art of unwinding flourishes. Yet, for the adventurous spirit, azure depths beckon. Situated between the Similan and Surin islands, Ko Phra Thong opens the portal to Thailand’s premier diving havens. Beneath the cerulean veil, exquisite reefs unfurl, offering encounters with the majestic whale shark – the ocean’s leviathan.


The voyage to Ko Phra Thong becomes a journey unto itself, departing from Saphan Pla Pier or Mangrove Pier in Khura Buri, a two-and-a-half-hour expedition north of Phuket International Airport. The last boat departs at 4.30pm.