Chiang Mai Airport has ushered in a new era of round-the-clock service starting on November 1, 2023, to cater to the growing influx of tourists during Thailand’s high season at the close of 2023. This extended operating schedule ensures a seamless and convenient travel experience for tourists exploring Thailand.

Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, has emphasized the significance of Chiang Mai Airport’s 24-hour operation. The move facilitates international flight arrivals and departures during late-night hours, encouraging international airlines to expand their schedules and routes to Thailand, ultimately enhancing travel convenience and promoting ease of traveling.

This expansion strengthens Thailand’s readiness to welcome tourists from both nearby and distant markets, not only improving access to Chiang Mai Province, a global tourist hotspot but also acting as a pivotal hub for distributing tourism to other Northern region provinces. These measures are poised to positively impact income distribution and stimulate the regional economy.

The decision to extend Chiang Mai Airport’s operational hours from 18 to 24 hours, effective November 1, 2023, is a direct response to the surging demand for flights and the expected influx of high-value tourists in late 2023. The announcement of this 24-hour service was made by the Governor of Chiang Mai Province.

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This 24-hour service marks a significant step in eliminating time constraints on international air travel routes, demonstrating Thailand’s capacity to cater to tourists from diverse origins, near and far. It is anticipated that these initiatives will result in a 30% increase in international flight volume and passenger traffic through Chiang Mai Airport in the final quarter of this year.

Currently, Chiang Mai Airport efficiently manages around 150 daily flights, serving a mix of domestic and international routes, with an average daily passenger count of approximately 21,537. The airport connects to 18 international destinations and 12 domestic routes, including direct flights to major cities such as Taipei, Inchon, Kunming, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Furthermore, new direct flight routes are scheduled to launch in April, connecting Chiang Mai to cities like Mumbai and New Delhi.

Chiang Mai Airport currently has the capacity to serve 8 million passengers annually and is actively exploring the first phase of development to expand its capacity to 16.5 million passengers per year, reflecting the airport’s commitment to enhancing its services and facilitating the growth of tourism in the region.