Renowned American architect and landscape designer, Bill Bensley, has integrated his creative prowess with Scarlett Bangkok. The French-inspired restaurant and wine bar has become a captivating canvas for Bensley’s distinctive artistic vision, presenting an enchanting series of artworks in his latest exhibition, ‘Outsider Gallery.’

Within this exhibition, connoisseurs of both culinary delights and art will discover the convergence of gastronomy and artistic expression within a shared space.

“We are very excited to have Bill Bensley bring Scarlett’s walls to life with his art, which we hope will bring an inspiring dining experience for our guests,” says Chef Sylvain Royer, Co-Founder, Managing Director, and Chef de Cuisine for R&B Lab.

With 20+ years in the food and beverage industry across Asia, Europe, and the USA, R&B Lab excels in crafting, launching, and managing innovative restaurants and bars. Specializing in cutting-edge, profitable, and enduring establishments, R&B Lab curates unique dining experiences that highlight quality ingredients and elevate special moments. Managing a dynamic global portfolio with over 10 avant-garde venues, including Scarlett Bangkok, they continue to push boundaries.

Bill is enthusiastic about showcasing his artworks at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant Bangkok.

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with the team at Scarlett Bangkok and thank them for this opportunity, as well as to any diners that purchase any of the artworks which will help us to continue the work of the Shinta Mani Foundation in Cambodia, helping the impoverished communities in which our Shinta Mani Hotels are located”, says Bill.

“Our projects such as new houses, water wells, direct assistance loans to enable people to become self-sufficient and education opportunities, making a life-long difference to the villagers we support, as well as conservation and wildlife preservation programs in the South at Shinta Mani Wild”, he adds.

Bill Bensley, a versatile individual with a myriad of skills under his belt, has added a new dimension to his repertoire! While he has immersed himself in fields such as architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, fishing, and writing, Bensley is now venturing into the world of fine arts. Surprisingly, painting wasn’t an inherent talent for Bill; he discovered his passion for it in the last three years. Guided and inspired by his close friend, the Caribbean-based artist Kate Spencer, Bill took up the paintbrush and easel, embarking on a creative journey. Following several painting holidays with Kate, Bill now finds himself drawing and painting wherever he goes, seizing every spare moment—whether on airplanes, during site visits, or even on the back of menus.

This exhibition brings together food and art in a single space. Scarlett Bangkok has long been committed to an ongoing Artist In Residence program, where artists are invited to feature their works at the venue to showcase the talents of both local and international creatives. Together with Bensley, the Michelin-recommended restaurant and wine bar now becomes even more vibrant with his fun and expressive works – ranging from colourful abstract figures to unique mixed media creations.

This includes Reggie The Cheese Security, Bensley’s cheeky take on Scarlett’s very own cheese guard, who fiercely watches over the restaurant’s fine selection of over 50 AOC-certified cheeses. His scowl makes “the hardest men retreat” and his large, lofty 6 ft. 4 stature intimidates anyone who dares take a swipe at the goods. However, he does have a habit of taking a wee little nibble every now and then – as a reward for a job well done.

The artworks on display will also be open to purchase by art-loving diners, collectors, and connoisseurs. Full proceeds will be channelled directly to the Shinta Mani Foundation in Cambodia, run by Shinta Mani Hotels. Built upon the message ‘Open Doors, Open Hearts’, the foundation was established to help improve the lives and economic conditions of Cambodian communities. Its commitments include providing opportunities and tools for the poverty-stricken, as well as environmental preservation and conservation for sustainable coexistence between the people and their natural surroundings.

The Scarlett Bangkok x Bensley Outsider Gallery exhibit is open to public, daily from 5:00pm onwards, and runs from now till 31 January 2024.

For a dining experience coupled with Bensley’s eclectic paintings, guests can call 096 860 7990, message the restaurant on LINE (, or make a reservation via Chope.