Chai Jia Chai sets out on a gastronomic journey to support Taiwan’s earthquake relief efforts.

The Cantonese-Chinese omakase restaurant “Chai Jia Chai” is set to host a remarkable event in Bangkok’s culinary landscape: the “Helping Hands for Taiwan: Earthquake Relief Charity Dinner.” Against the backdrop of Cantonese fine dining, this exclusive affair promises not only a tantalizing culinary experience but also a chance to support earthquake-stricken communities in Taiwan.

Chinese omakase in Bangkok
Guided by Chef Tsai Shih Wei, guests embark on a nine-course omakase journey, celebrating the fusion of Cantonese and Taiwanese culinary excellence. Photo/Chai Jia Chai

Prepare for an extraordinary culinary voyage where the vibrant flavours of Taiwan meld seamlessly with the sophisticated techniques of Cantonese cuisine. Under the guidance of Chef Tsai Shih Wei, guests will embark on a nine-course omakase journey, highlighting the best of both culinary worlds. From classic banquet dishes to street food infused with Cantonese flair, each dish is a testament to innovation and tradition. The finale, crafted by Pastry Chef Kanin Bantu but from Restaurant Potong, promises a sweet crescendo to the evening’s culinary symphony.

Chinese omakase in Bangkok
Chef Tsai Shih Wei creating an unforgettable charity dinner contributing to Taiwan earthquake recovery. Photo/Chai Jia Chai

Nestled in the heart of Sukhumvit 31, Chai Jia Chai (Phone: 093 117 1909) offers guests a haven of refined dining. Chef Tsai’s extensive experience, cultivated over two decades in Michelin-starred kitchens around the globe, ensures a personalized and memorable culinary experience, where artistry meets hospitality.

Beyond indulging in exceptional cuisine, attendees of this charity dinner play a vital role in supporting relief efforts in Hualien, Taiwan. Following the devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake on April 3, 2024, all proceeds from the event will be directly donated to the Taiwanese government, aiding in the reconstruction of affected communities.



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For those with a palate for exceptional cuisine and a heart for philanthropy, “Helping Hands for Taiwan: Earthquake Relief Charity Dinner” at Chai Jia Chai is an event not to be missed. With limited seating available, securing a reservation offers the opportunity to savour exquisite flavours while contributing to a noble cause.

Savour & Support

Date: Friday, May 2, 2024

Price: THB 6,000 per person (inclusive of 7% VAT)

Contact: For inquiries and reservations, please reach out to Chai Jia Chai via their LINE Official Account.