Thai AirAsia launches layover flights connecting Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. The airline has introduced a series of layover flights under the Fifth Freedom framework, originating from Bangkok (Don Mueang) with stops in Taiwan before concluding in Japan.

Introducing layover flights to facilitate passenger transfers presents a new challenge for AirAsia, but it also creates opportunities to reach a wider customer base in Japan and Taiwan.

The inaugural Taipei-Okinawa route achieved a remarkable 99 percent capacity and was warmly received upon its arrival.

Route 1: Don Mueang-Taipei-Okinawa

Departing Bangkok (Don Mueang) at 7:25 AM, the flight arrives in Taipei at 12:20 PM, departs Taipei at 1:30 PM, and lands in Okinawa at 3:55 PM daily.

Route 2: Don Mueang-Kaohsiung-Tokyo

Flights depart Bangkok (Don Mueang) at 2:45 AM, arriving in Kaohsiung at 7:15 AM. Departure from Kaohsiung is at 8:00 AM, with arrival in Tokyo (Narita) scheduled for 12:55 PM, operating four times weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.



In Kyoto, Dusit Thani awaits

Dusit Thani Kyoto has opened its doors, offering exclusive room rates at JPY 56,925 (USD 400, THB 13,810) per night. Located in a peaceful residential area, Dusit Thani Kyoto combines modern elegance with tradition, providing a unique cultural retreat in Kyoto. The design reflects the rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture of Kyoto.

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Santisuk Klongchaiya, CEO of Thai AirAsia, highlighted that the introduction of these layover flights using Fifth Freedom rights has created new flight opportunities to Tokyo and Okinawa. The initial flights, commencing on 15th June, received an enthusiastic response from passengers. He expressed appreciation to airports, tourism boards, and supporting agencies for their efforts in promoting Thai AirAsia’s Fifth Freedom routes in Taiwan (Taipei and Kaohsiung) and Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), which contributed to the positive reception. The Taiwan-Japan connections, in particular, were well-received, reflecting robust market demand.

“Introducing layover flights to facilitate passenger transfers presents a new challenge for AirAsia, yet it also opens doors to engage a broader customer base in Japan and Taiwan. The inaugural flights on the Don Mueang-Taipei-Okinawa and Don Mueang-Kaohsiung-Tokyo routes have garnered very positive feedback. We are committed to actively promoting this innovative service,” Santisuk affirmed.