Trick or treat? Halloween is fast approaching, and the shadows of eerie enchantment are descending. Dare you embark on a spine-tingling journey into the heart of darkness? Venture to the hallowed Bangkok National Museum, ensconced within the ancient Front Palace, a relic of ages past. It’s one of the city’s oldest places, and it beckons you to immerse yourself in ‘Ghost Talks’ from October 28 to 29, harmonizing with the ‘Art Toys in the Garden.’

The mists of time will clear on October 28 at 10 am, revealing the mysterious stories hidden within these historic walls.

The museum’s caretakers, who have walked the line between the realm of the living and the spectral domain, will share their ghostly encounters, which traverse the corridors of the museum and the chambers of the Front Palace.

Established in 1782, the same year as the Grand Palace, the Front Palace has hosted many lords and their loyal servants, leaving behind a tapestry of ghostly entities from diverse ages and classes. But no paranormal odyssey is consummate without an ethereal expedition. Thus, commencing at 1 pm, as the sun reaches its zenith, an intrepid guide will lead you through the labyrinthine passages of these ancient edifices, recounting tales that will send shivers down your spine.

On October 29, the apparitions of creativity shall replace the spectres of fright, with talks by Prosthetic Artists and model-making aficionados.

The ‘Ghost Talks’ event is a haunting symphony, meticulously orchestrated for those who yearn not only for thrills but to plunge headlong into the shadowy annals of history, where the past and the paranormal converge in an eerie dance.

Planning Your Visit

The Bangkok National Museum is situated adjacent to Sanam Luang and Thammasat University, just a short walk to the north of the Grand Palace. The nearest MRT station to the Bangkok National Museum is Sanam Chai.